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Changshu Changxin patented product-innovative LED

来源:Changshu Changxin Textile Equipment Co., Ltd 发布时间:2021年10月20日

The LED electronic display warp stop is a new type of warp stop newly developed by Changshu Changxin. It has also been recognized by China's patent law and issued a patent invention certificate. It has also caused a wave of electronic warp stop in the textile industry. This trend has become the leader in the field of warp stop frames.

LED electronic display warp stopThe principle is to ingeniously implant high-quality LED lights into the warp stop bars of the warp stop. After the loom breaks the warp, the point where the warp is broken will light up with a red LED, so that the stopper does not need to look for it. You can see where the warp is broken at a glance, but you can connect the broken warp immediately and restart the production. The LED electronic display warp stop uses electronic technology to control and display the broken warp, thus realizing that it takes no time to find the broken warp. At the same time, the birth of the LED electronic display warp stop fully solves the current embarrassment of the large loss of skilled turn workers faced by textile enterprises, reduces the requirements for new employees' operating skills, saves labor costs, simplifies operating procedures, and then improves work Efficiency can be said to serve multiple purposes.

The LED electronic display warp stop has been used in textile factories for more than two years. Practice has proved that it is a product integrating intelligence and efficiency. In order to meet the needs of the majority of textile enterprises, the company has begun to supply it in batches. The introduction of LED electronic display warp stop will surely benefit the majority of textile enterprises.

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