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  • 10.20 2021

    Stop warp seat

    Warp imitating stand
  • 10.20 2021

    Electrical box assembly

    Electrical box assembly
  • 10.20 2021

    Middle bracket assembly

    Middle bracket assembly
Our company is dedicated to the production and research and development of menopausal devices, adhering to the corporate mission of "inheriting the millennium textile business with heart, carefully building a century-old new company", focusing on the development trend of new technologies in the international market, continuously improving product quality, and increasing corporate profitability Ability to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in domestic and foreign markets, and strive to realize the corporate vision of "striving to be the mainstay of China's textile industry" as soon as possible. The company pursues the factory management policy of "quality veto, system management, quantified income, and benefit-oriented". It has a high-quality product research and development team that understands technology, has strong capabilities, and has combat effectiveness. With a flexible and sharp vision, it aims at the frontiers of the international market.Learn more
When the era of global economic integration and the new economy is approaching, the company will always adhere to mechanism innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, market-oriented, efficiency-centered, optimize resource allocation, do a good job in capital operation, and enhance the core of the company. Competitiveness and achieve the goal of becoming bigger and better as soon as possible. The company regards satisfying user needs as a higher goal of the company, optimizes product structure, upgrades product grades, implements brand-name strategies, exerts quality benefits, adjusts marketing strategies without losing any opportunity, strives to open up the international market, and promotes rapid and healthy development of the company. Learn more
The most rare thing in the world is not capital, not profit, or even the most precious talent in the 21st century, but the value recognition of ordinary people after the interpersonal connection. Relying on the enthusiasm and rationality of innovation and creation, and persisting in the spiritual pursuit of "Quality by virtue and surpassing by competition", we consolidate a community of destiny with common values. There will be a high degree of harmony, producing a powerful explosive force. We firmly believe that all those who trust and obey virtue will be like a spring breeze and will eventually become a great weapon. Only by returning to the virtue of being in harmony with the sun and the moon is the foundation for us Orientals to be invincible and build a harmonious society. Learn more

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  • 01.We cherish the reputation cast by years of sweat, and cherish every hard-won honor;
  • 02.In the face of applause, we did not linger in love, nor did we hesitate;
  • 03.We turn it into a driving force for progress, step by step, and constantly forge ahead and surpass ourselves.
  • 01.CXTXX-CSCX warp stop is the latest patented product developed and produced by our company
  • 02.This product uses the technology of direct display of the points on the menopause conditions
  • 03.It can greatly shorten the time to find broken warp yarns, improve work efficiency, increase output, and increase benefits

  • 01.Cultural aspects: hold regular staff track and
    field games and cultural entertainment activities
  • 02.Adhere to the principles of honesty, pragmatism,
    pay close attention to management, quality - based
  • 03.This factory many times by the municipal party
    committee, the government and the Qingdao quick
    development group appraises the civilized advanced unit,
Changshu Changxin Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The company produces and supplies warp drop devices (warp drop frames) and passive open arms for shuttleless looms such as rapier looms and air-jet looms. Manufacturers of looms provide supporting services, and at the same time provide textile manufacturers who use shuttleless looms to update and repair related textile equipment and accessories. The company has been engaged in the production of warp stop devices for more than 20 years. From the beginning of the domestic development of shuttleless looms, it has participated in the research and development and design of related electrical warp stop devices. It has a number of product patents. At the same time, the company has also participated in the Chinese standard "Textile Machinery and Accessories Drafting and revision of "Warp Stop Bar for Electronic Warp Stop Device". Changxin's entire series of stop warps has more than 30 varieties, and is in a leading position in the textile machinery industry. In more than 20 years of production and service, the company has been constantly understanding the needs of customers, aiming at the rapid flow of employees, more newbies, increasing labor costs, instability of cotton yarn quality, and increased speed of looms in domestic textile enterprises at this stage. Learn more

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