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Towel loom warp stop, to produce excellent products for you

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Speaking of the towel loom, one has to think of the towel fabric produced. Nowadays, people rely on the towel fabric. It is not only a daily necessities commonly used in people's lives, but also a kind of textile decoration. It has dense and soft loops, good moisture absorption, heat insulation, and wear resistance. The towel fabric has bright, novel and beautiful appearance. It can be divided into face towel, pillow towel, bath towel, square towel, towel quilt, terry cloth and so on. Therefore, it occupies an important position in various textile products. Recently, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of foreign trade, the domestic and foreign markets have increasingly higher requirements for the quality and variety of towel products. The towel fabric weave is a terry weave. There are two types of warp yarns that make up the towel fabric : one is called the ground warp, which is interwoven with the weft to form a fabric ; the other is called the wool warp, which is interwoven with the weft to form loops and cover the surface of the ground cloth. Make the surface of the ground cloth stand up a layer of dense and even loops, making it softer in contact with the skin.  

Changshu Changxin has strong requirements for the warp stop frame of towel loom accessories. The quality, quality and appearance are all produced and processed through the necessary processes. Changxin implements special customization and can make the warp stop frame you need according to the size you provide . Don't worry about quality problems. Changxin's more than 20 years of production experience will surely give you a satisfactory terry loom accessory warp stop. The products purchased in Changxin will have after-sales service with attentive service, free guidance on installation, and home delivery.


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