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What should I do if the menopause strip is dirty?

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I believe that a common problem encountered by many textile mills in the production process is that due to the long use time, there will inevitably be some stains on the surface of the warp drop bars , and these stains are likely to affect the brightness of the yarn, so how to clean the warp drop bars Stains on the surface?

Here I tell you a story, the same is the customer’s treatment of the warp stoppers. One day, I received a call from a customer saying that the surface of the warp stoppers was dirty, and then they washed the warp stoppers in clean water. The problem is coming. After washing, I found that the machine could not be turned on. Some bad problems also appeared. What should I do?

First of all, our Changxin warp stop bar has many models and specifications, and the middle is a disconnected one. It is assembled from a stainless steel core, insulating paper and a shell. It will inevitably be soaked in water when it is cleaned in water, which will cause contact. The problem occurs, so that the machine can not operate normally, so now that the problem occurs, we need to help solve it. First, the normal menopause strip has no water content, so we have to consider removing the water immersed in it, since the summer is hot, so It can be dried in a sunny place. It must be a long time. Install the machine after a few days. In case the machine cannot be turned on or the effect is not as good as before, then we can only choose to reduce the cost and send the goods. We often help you repair, disassemble and reorganize, replace the insulating paper, the shell, and rebuild a new warp stop bar with a stainless steel core , so that it is the same as the new one.

   Similarly, we also hope that you will give us a better solution. Discuss together...

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