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The function and classification of LED electronic display warp

来源:Changshu Changxin Textile Equipment Co., Ltd 发布时间:2021年10月20日

1) LED electronic display warp stop frame : novel design, simple operation, and efficiency doubled

The LED electronic display warp stop is an innovative product after the research and design of the ordinary warp stop, which is suitable for various types of machines. This warp stop frame applies LED display technology to the yarn-breaking warp stop device. When the loom encounters a warp break and stops, the warp stop point of the warp stop bar is directly displayed with a red light, which can be seen by the operator at a glance. The location of broken warp yarns can be quickly eliminated. It solves the long-standing problem of finding broken warp yarns in the textile industry, which is time-consuming and laborious. It reduces the technical requirements for operators and greatly improves work efficiency. product

    2) Air-jet warp stop frame: suitable for air-jet looms, equipped with a single-line display function.

 3) Rapier warp stop frame: suitable for rapier looms, simple structure, easy to operate, and can be freely added with a single-line display function.

 4 ) Projectile warp stop: suitable for projectile looms, with firm structure, durability and good reliability . 

 5 ) Towel warp stop : the product is novel in appearance, light and practical, and easy to operate.Suitable for all kinds of towel looms.

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